It’s freezing but the trends are hot!

It’s freezing but the trends are hot!

As the New Year has officially taken hold and frozen our buns off, we are looking ahead to the busy summer season and watching the trends for summer 2015.

With so much emphasis growing into local sustainable food from scratch, the trends seem to be sending us into the cocktail style wedding and family style are taking over from the traditional 200 plate seated dinner. This is giving couples the opportunity to have a variety of delicious items. We are certainly booking many weddings this year that are all about the food stations and the hors d’oeuvres with many couples opting for large charcuterie boards filled with local artisan cheeses, meats & breads which is a great way to showcase what Ontario has to offer.

This trend seems to be incorporated throughout the entire event from the bar using local craft ales and décor using found recycled DIY objects.

This is definitely a great time for our local artisan producers and a joy for us to get to showcase the greatness and the simplicity of ingredients available to us in this region.

So are you getting married this year & busy working on planning your event? Then get out there, go to farmers markets, find things that you absolutely love and have them incorporated into your big day. Make your day not just about the two of you but also make it about celebrating where you will be sharing your life together and all it has to offer!