The Beginning

Welcome to our fancy new blog!  Here we will share our experiences doing events, tips of the trades for you DIY’ers and some of Chef Mikes recipes. We hope you enjoy it and share with your friends!

I have been delaying on this blog not knowing where to start.. but you have to start somewhere!

So here we are. We just finished an event at the Fergus Antique Car Show it was a fun show and we were excited to be part of it.  The only problem was the near tornado that hit us half way through!! I find that the weather is the biggest problem we face in the event industry.   You need back up plans for your back up plans!  Luckily we had a  lot of warning about this storm and so our crew was prepared to pack up and run in a moments notice and we did not bring anything breakable for our set up.  As the rain and wind hit our Chef grabbed on to our tent and pulled it down low as his assistant did trips running our wares into the restaurant next door.  Sadly some of the other vendors were not so lucky and many cupcakes, tents & flowers flew away as people screamed to take shelter! It is an event that I’m sure we will not forget and we hope that everyone’s cars and pork pies got home safe!